March 14, 2020 Ride-a-Test Clinic at Goodman Equestrian Center, Lynnville TN

Our first event of the year is a Classical or Western Ride-a-Test with Meris Greges where you can get your feet wet at a relatively low cost (thanks to a generous grant from CTDA!).  Sessions are $20 for CTDA or WDAAL/TN members, $30 for non-members and last 20 minutes each.

You can ride a test, get critiqued and work on improving your scores. Or you can just work on specific movements and not ride a full test. The choice is yours! We start at walk/trot/jog and go all the way up the levels. Sessions can be combined as well if you prefer just one ride. Day Stalls available at $30 at Goodman Equestrian.

Here is the entry form, please fill in and mail to Phyllis Neighbors, our clinic secretary:


2019 WD Toolbox Symposium Mar 2/3 Recap

It was a cold, but incredible weekend filled with a lot of excellent information on and off the horse.  Thanks to our 3 clinicians – Don Charrest, Pam Bullington and Dale Rudin – who covered all aspects of developing our horses on the rail, in the arena and from the ground.

We started each day off with some Pilates/Stretching and were expertly led by Glynnie Walford.

Saturday morning the first presenter was Randall from Ran Ten who brought several of his saddles to try.  He also brought a saddle in progress and showed us all the steps & considerations when making a new saddle.  Very impressive and informative! 

Chiropractor Trea Wessel was on hand to discuss the benefits of adjusting horses.  Her website is

Allison from Soft Touch Equine Massage worked on horses on both days.  There was a lot of licking, chewing and sighing!

A major thank you to Kayla Lepper who is a master Farrier having earned her Journeyman Accreditation and came along to share her knowledge on how to trim and shoe a horse with her main goal in mind of “No Foot No Horse”. 

BEMER (bio- electric magnetic energy regulation) and how it can help you and your horse.   Paula Kay can be contacted best through email at

Scot McGregor first demoed the gaits of a Tennessee Walker and how to ride various Western Dressage Test movements in the indoor before he moved on to his lecture on Bits.  He brought about 120 of them from his bit collection and explained the key function/variation and impact on the horses tongue, bars and corner of the mouth.

Sunday morning everybody got a chance to ride a test or work on individual test movements.

After lunch Jenna Horne did a phantastic demo on dentistry and even brought 2 skulls to illustrate the importance of proper teeth care.  She can be reached at or you can call her at 931-312-1035.

Sunday’s last sessions were groundwork with Dale Rudin from  She introduced her students & horses to clicker training, covered lunging in skeletal alignment (SO important), discussed developing engagement, and the use and benefits of gymnastic exercises. We saw improvement in each horses movement, frame, and expression.

What a phantastic weekend !!!  We will want to do this again next year for sure ūüôā

2019 Judges Seminar

It was a jam packed seminar with an estimated 50 current and future Western Dressage Judges that congregated in Denver this past week.   According to Cliff Swanson we were the group with the highest written rules exam scores ever!


WDAA president Cindy Butler, KNB, former president Ellen di Bella, WDAA rep Dini Swanson

The 3 day seminar covered¬†topics ranging from the new Level 4 Tests,¬†Tack & Gait requirements, Judging methodology, Rail class & Freestyle do’s and don’ts as well as a session on Gaited Horses in Western Dressage.¬† Clinicians included Joyce and Cliff Swanson, Debbie Riehl-Rodriguez, Julie Haugen, Dolly Hannon, Joanne Coy and current WDAA president Cindy Butler.¬† There were lively discussions and excellent networking opportunities.¬† Lynn Palm (already a Western Dressage “R” judge) and Stacy Westfall could be spotted in the audience as well as¬†Classical dressage judges like Charlotte Trentleman and Jody Ely from Florida.¬† The event was well organized and we all learned a lot – and I certainly will be back in 2022 for my next re-certification!

Year End Award Banquet Jan 19

The scores have been tabulated and our inaugural WDAAL/TN Champions are crowned!  It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to show successfully and we are very proud of each of these horse/rider pairs!

The Year End Awards Banquet will take place Saturday, January 19 at Clearview Farm in Shelbyville, TN starting at 6pm.

Our Western Dressage Play Day starts at 9:30 am and we are offering multiple Western Dressage sessions all day long for only $50 + $10 arena fee.  There will be something for everybody, whether you are an experienced competitor or a newbie to this sport!!


Updated YEA Points

The full list can be found here: WDA AL-TN 2018 Competition Points updated 8-8-18

Take a photo OR scan the front of your test displaying: Show, Horse, Score/Percentage and send to our point keeper Rebecca Jones if you see an error or missing score:

Here are our current YEA leaders as of August 8, 2018:

Glynnie Walford Bonita Lights Level 2 and up 25.0
Kathy Ziegler Carly Level 1 22.0
Lisa Barlow Dakota Basic 6.5
Glynnie Walford Hay Momma Rock Me Introductory 29.0
Scot McGregor All Around Midnight Level 2 and above Gaited 19.0
Scot McGregor Extra Daring Basic & Level 1 Gaited 24.5
Scot McGregor JFK’s Storm Chaser Basic & Level 1 Gaited 24.5
Scot McGregor Jose in Dixie Introductory Gaited 22.0