2019 WD Toolbox Symposium Mar 2/3 Recap

It was a cold, but incredible weekend filled with a lot of excellent information on and off the horse.  Thanks to our 3 clinicians – Don Charrest, Pam Bullington and Dale Rudin – who covered all aspects of developing our horses on the rail, in the arena and from the ground.

We started each day off with some Pilates/Stretching and were expertly led by Glynnie Walford.

Saturday morning the first presenter was Randall from Ran Ten who brought several of his saddles to try.  He also brought a saddle in progress and showed us all the steps & considerations when making a new saddle.  Very impressive and informative! 

Chiropractor Trea Wessel was on hand to discuss the benefits of adjusting horses.  Her website is https://www.cannoncountychiro.com/.

Allison from Soft Touch Equine Massage worked on horses on both days.  There was a lot of licking, chewing and sighing!  https://www.facebook.com/pg/softtouchequinetherapy/posts/

A major thank you to Kayla Lepper who is a master Farrier having earned her Journeyman Accreditation and came along to share her knowledge on how to trim and shoe a horse with her main goal in mind of “No Foot No Horse”. 

BEMER (bio- electric magnetic energy regulation) and how it can help you and your horse.   Paula Kay can be contacted best through email at pklane5090@gmail.com.

Scot McGregor first demoed the gaits of a Tennessee Walker and how to ride various Western Dressage Test movements in the indoor before he moved on to his lecture on Bits.  He brought about 120 of them from his bit collection and explained the key function/variation and impact on the horses tongue, bars and corner of the mouth.

Sunday morning everybody got a chance to ride a test or work on individual test movements.

After lunch Jenna Horne did a phantastic demo on dentistry and even brought 2 skulls to illustrate the importance of proper teeth care.  She can be reached at Springbucklefarm@gmail.com or you can call her at 931-312-1035.

Sunday’s last sessions were groundwork with Dale Rudin from https://www.facebook.com/UnnaturalHorsemanship/  She introduced her students & horses to clicker training, covered lunging in skeletal alignment (SO important), discussed developing engagement, and the use and benefits of gymnastic exercises. We saw improvement in each horses movement, frame, and expression.

What a phantastic weekend !!!  We will want to do this again next year for sure 🙂